The Benefits of Composting

Being kind to the Earth is a clear benefit of backyard composting. But there are other advantages, too.

When you compost at home, you can:

Supercharge your garden plants. Vegetables, herbs, flowers—every kind of garden plant loves compost. After adding humus to your garden beds, don’t be surprised if your vegetables grow bigger, your flowers grow taller, and your plants thrive like never before. Trees, bushes and lawns love compost, too.

Water less often. Adding compost to soil helps it to retain moisture, so you won’t have to pull out the garden hose or sprinkler as often.

Stop using chemical fertilizers. Your garden will flourish when you use compost, so you won’t need artificial fertilizers. This not only helps to keep chemicals out of the soil, it can save you money.

Cut down on solid waste. You might be able to downsize to a smaller trash bin, and save money on garbage pickup.

Lower your carbon footprint. By reducing the amount of waste you send to landfills, you’ll cut down on the harmful methane emissions that landfills create.

“I’ve purchased two double-bin cedar composters from Steve’s Earth Engine over the past few years. They are durable, and the cedar weathers to a beautiful natural finish that blends in well with a garden. And most important, they work! I get loads of rich compost from them.”
Byron B, Whitmore, CA

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