Steve’s Story

DSCN2058The designer behind Steve’s Earth Engine is Steve Watson, a Minnesota artist, teacher and environmentalist. In 1992, Steve suggested to city officials that the versatile double-bin cedar composter that enhanced his backyard could be the source of joy for gardeners and summer jobs for city youth.

Minneapolis Solid Waste and Recycling also saw the potential for solid waste reduction and committed start-up funds to the program. A year later, news of the cedar composter made its way to homeowners, and orders and checks for the first 250 units roared in.

With a substantial waiting list for composters–and the enthusiastic support of city residents–the program doubled its workforce the following summer and delivered more than 550 composters to city gardeners.

Steve’s Earth Engine has grown from these success stories and now operates as a private enterprise. In service to an expanding community of gardeners and environmentalists, the Earth Engine is now shipped nationwide.