Composter Description

With sturdy, weather-resistant cedar frames and completely galvanized screening and hardware, the composter’s double-bin structure is a year-round asset for recyclers and a natural beauty in the backyard. Adjustable cedar slats allow easy access to separate storage bins that hold nearly 2 cubic yards (54 cubic feet) of organic matter in combination. The natural integrity and functional design of Steve’s Earth Engine Cedar Composter is supported by rigid standards of quality during assembly. Shipped in collapsed form, the unit requires minimal assembly and is ready for use in approximately 10 minutes. Easy assembly instructions are included.


But the surprise of Steve’s Earth Engine is that the highest quality in composting design and materials is not expensive–even though it is recognized as the composter with the greatest capacity for recycling organic wastes. This “Queen of Composters” is part of a larger environmental plan.

Double Bin Single Bin Bin Cover
Height 36″ 36″ .5″
Length 68″ 36″ 36″
Width 36″ 36″ 36″
Unit Cost $289 $209 $35

Order a composter and bin cover at the same time and save!

For Minneapolis area customers, ask about savings on delivery charges with pickup in South Minneapolis.

Please ask about special rates for orders over 10!

Composter Features

  • Sturdy, weather-resistant cedar frames
  • Galvanized screening & hardware
  • Double-bin structure
  • Removable cedar slats
  • Quality assembly
  • Hand-crafted construction

Special note: the Earth Engine double and single bin composters are built slightly wider in front to maximize volume for recycling organic materials.